Dear Diary, get me out of here!

Updated: May 1, 2020

This blog has been a long time coming. I definitely consider myself an adventurous person and after years of short adventures ranging from 1 day (or night) to a few weeks I decided I needed to test myself and move completely out of my comfort zone to a place on the total opposite side of the world. Now I say this blog has been a long time coming because for a long time I have been wanting to catalog my experiences in more detail then my consistent story or photo posts on Instagram and/or Facebook.

I would like to say I have been too busy trying to stay ''present" and stay ''in the moment'' but lets be real I was procrastinating. I finally got my act together and as a start began jotting down my time abroad in a journal, my recollection was pretty good and managed to get pretty detailed. Unfortunately soon after this my journal went MIA and took with it my motivation to start from scratch.

Until I moved home to Australia in the midst of a pandemic. Being forced into quarantine upon arrival after which entering into a world with quite restrictive social distancing rules and no job I suddenly had plenty of time on my hands and really no excuse.

Along with the journal I will also be using this to share other travel and event stories that I encounter along the way. But first a little about me...

My name is Lisa and I am an event planner from Sydney, Australia. Personally I am an extrovert and a Gemini who can't sit still and loves new people, places and experiences. I have traveled to over 70 cities/towns across 12 countries and when all of this is over am excited to add to these numbers.

A few traits I am particularly proud I inherited are yearning for adventure, open-mindedness and empath for others passion and vibes. Travel and events have given me the perfect outlet to satisfy these traits and previously it could be just the generic act that would be enough. Chalk it up to experience or age but I have come to realise that putting more thought into the priorities,what gives me joy and what I want makes the satisfaction that much more fulfilling.

So now that the speed date is over I hope you will join me in recounting some of my favourite memories, proudest achievements and best stories of the first 29 years of this adventure we call life.

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